If you have a logo that needs some modifications/updating then don’t go anywhere else I got you covered! The cost will be determined on the type of adjustments and the number of requested alterations/versions of your own logo, so submit your request for a free Quote. Please do read the "Design Process" and the "Terms” block because they are different from the Custom Logo Design.

If you want to completely redesign your existing logo into something else then please view the Custom Logo Design page for more details.


Modifications only include:

  • Illustration enhancements ( View Example )
  • Font style update
  • Text update, make lowercase or uppercase or modify letters
  • Changing colors
  • Removing design elements
  • Incorporating a tagline in your existing logo
  • Creating vertical or horizontal logo version of your existing logo
  • Recreating your raster image logo into a vector logo ( View Example )

Design Process

  • Submission Form

    Fill in the form below with all the details you want to have in your updated logo and be clear and precise about what you want. Please read each note available for each section to help you out as you fill in your information.

  • Free Quote

    The pricing will be determined on the type of adjustments and the number of requested alterations/versions of your own logo, so submit your request for a free Quote.

  • Duration / Deposit:

    Depending on the complexity, the duration will take around 7-30 days and a deadline date will be provided once an initial deposit is made.

  • Rounds of Revisions

    By default you will have only one Round of Revisions and each additional Round of Revisions will cost $100. All additional costs will be billed in a separate invoice to prevent any confusion.

  • Make A Milanote Board!

    For the following question "Referenced Designs” in the form you have the option to use the Milanote tool to answer this question. Even though this is optional but it's a very powerful tool to use to showcase visually what you need. When your done creating your board, please create a “Secret Link”. Please add notes to each image explaining what you want to have implemented into your own logo. You also can upload your logo file and even add your color information to the Milanote board. Milanote’s free account allows you to create/upload up to 100 items, to learn more on how to use Milanote please watch this [ Introduction Video ] and this [ Tutorial Video ]

  • Color Information:

    If your planning to change your logo’s colors, please provide me with the color information that will be used in your updated logo design. This information can be provided either in Hex Code or CMYK breakdown or even a Pantone color, please see the example image below. If your knowledge is limited about color please read this [ article ] for more information. For more help on finding the best color combinations please see the list of links below. If you don’t feel like going through all of this hassle, you can just simply write down your list of colors that you like.

Helpful links on finding colors: Color Picker / Coolors / ColorSupplyyy / Canva Color Palette / Color Hunt

  • Delays on Feedback:

    The client must answer any email feedback requested by the designer in order to proceed with the project. Feedback must be provided within 1 business day. Delay on feedback will push the project completion date back by the same number of days delayed. If Reached a total of 5 days of delay in a row, this will result in putting the project on hold until the matter is discussed.

  • Deliverables / Files:

    Once the remaining amount is paid off, an email with the package will be sent directly to your inbox. The files that are included are EPS, JPG, PNG, and a PDF presentation containing all your logo alterations and color information.


  • Service Unavailable:

    My logo design service will NOT be available to the following list of businesses and products; Pubs/Alcohol Brands, Nightclubs, Pharmaceuticals/Medicine Brands, Adult Content, Cannabis Products, and food containing pork.

  • Invoice System:

    I’ll be using the PayPal invoice system.

  • Money Currency:

    If you reside in Canada you will be billed in Canadian Dollar + 13% HST. And if you are residing overseas you will be billed in US Dollar only.

  • Payment Details:

    After your request has been accepted, if your logo cost is less than $500 then in order to begin the process the cost must be paid in full. But if your logo cost is $500 or above then a 50% deposit is required in order to begin the project. The other 50% will be paid upon project completion. When the project reaches completion, an invoice reminder will be sent via email for the remaining amount due. Once the remaining amount is paid an email with the deliverables will be sent directly to you.

  • Late Payments:

    Late payments will have a late charge fee of $50 per month after the project completion date.

  • Refunds / Cancelation:

    You can only get a refund after 24hrs of your first paid deposit, anytime later is not eligible for a refund. If you decided to discontinue/cancel the service midway, your 50% deposit is NOT refundable and you will ONLY keep one design concept from the list of concepts presented during that period.

  • Copyrights and Ownership:

    At project completion, the client will ONLY own the rights of the logo design after paying the remaining amount due.

  • Portfolio Use:

    Mohamed Hashim retains the right to display the designs in a portfolio or an online gallery, unless if the client personally requests to have the design to be private.

Client Information
My services are NOT available to SOME businesses and products; so I do urge you to read the terms stated above before moving on.
If you reside in Canada you will be billed in Canadian Dollar + 13% HST. And if you are residing overseas you will be billed in US Dollar only.
Logo Details
You can have your logo uploaded in Dropbox/Google Drive and have it as a shareable link.
If you're planning to change your logo colors please list them below, you can either name the colors you like or supply me with the color information by giving me your colors in Hex Code or CMYK or Pantone number.
I would be grateful if you could tell me how you found me, or who referred you? For example, via: Google, personal recommendation etc.
Terms *
You have read and agreed to the terms listed above.


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