Click on the blocks below to view details about the process. Please read all the content below before sending any requests in the Send A Request page.


Find a logo

Head to the "Logos" Page and pick something that best represents your business and be aware that each logo will differ in price and “Customization Options".

Logo Categories

The list of logos here are divided into two categories, "Wordmark Template" logos and "Logo For Sale" logos and both have good options but it depends on you and what is your preference.

Wordmark Template: These are stylized text that can be recreated into your company name, but please pay a good attention on how each Wordmark logo is designed, for example, the way each letter looks and the number of colors it can have. The cheapest Wordmark logo is $100 and the most expensive ones are $600. The $450-$600 ones are contain a lot of custom details in which makes them more time consuming than the rest. These Wordmark logos will always be available and I’ll be focusing on designing more unique designs that no logo generator can make!!

Logo For Sale: These are original ready-made logo designs and each one is sold only once, and will be removed from the “Logos”. In this category you'll find more different types of logos for example Combination Marks, Illustrative logos, Emblem logos. The cheapest "Logo For Sale" Logo is $100 and the most expensive ones are $1000.

Submission Form

For both "Wordmark Template” and the "Premage Logo” form, please read each note available for each section to help you out as you fill in your information. In the form more specifically "Logo Details*” section, please copy and paste the "Customization Options” listed for the logo you've picked and fill in the details with your information. The information that needs to be copied starts from "Company Name:” all through “Colors:”.

Company Name: Please be aware of each logo’s typography, if you choose a logo that is using all caps for its text then your text/company name will be in full caps too.

Colors: Each logo has a specific number of colors and they are labeled in an alphabetical order. These letter labels help tell you where each color is applied. Please be careful when you assign your colors for each label, so double check where the color is applied on the current logo mock-up image. If you decide to not fill in your color information, I will be using the same colors illustrated in the mock-up logo. If you decide to change one color and leave the rest blank, then I’ll only update that one color and leave the rest as is.

Declined Requests

General declines are not following the restrictions that each logo design has, for example surpassing the character limit defined in "Company Name” and please be aware that each logo design will have a different character limit. If you decide to go over the character limit, I will still give it a try to make it work but there is no guarantee if your submission will be accepted. Also please check the “Terms” block below for more details on what specific business and products that my service won’t be available to.

Wordmark Template: No repeating names, if two customers share the same "Company Name" and both decided to use the same Wordmark logo design, then first come first served, I will not resell two copies of the same logo to two different customers. I'll be keeping in records for all "Company Names" for each Wordmark logo design so that I don’t resell the same logo design to another customer.

Duration / Deposit

The duration will take around a week or two. A deadline date will be provided once an initial deposit is made. Also if you add an additional “Round of Revisions” it might extend to a couple of days.

Round of Revisions

Wordmark Template: All Wordmark Template logos don’t have a "Round of Revisions" option but you can still add one round of revisions manually. The cost will be an additional $60 and you will get the ability to list the changes you want. Please keep in mind that you can’t request to add an icon/symbol design with the revisions option.

Logo For Sale: logos that are priced $800 or above get only 1 free "Round of Revisions". If you picked a logo that is under $800 then you don’t have this option available but you can still manually add a round of revisions and the cost for each round is $100.

If you decide after the first round that you need another round, then the second round will be billed separately.

Color Guide

This information can be provided either in Hex Code or CMYK breakdown or even a Pantone color, please see the example image below. If your knowledge is limited about color please read this [ article ] for more information. For more help on finding the best color combinations please see the list of links below. If you don’t feel like going through all of this hassle, you can just simply write down your list of colors that you like.

Helpful links on finding colors: Color Picker / Coolors / ColorSupplyyy / Canva Color Palette / Color Hunt

Logo Language

Currently in the “Logos” page, I have created a couple of logo designs in another language than English. I’ll be working on recreating all of my Wordmark logos in other languages to attract more people from other countries. It’s a work in progress, however, I do have it available in the "Wordmark Template" form only and if your planning to use this feature it will change the logo cost to $600. You can activate it by filling in this field “Custom Request: Design my logo in this language”.

I’ll be working on making a special form dedicated to people that are seeking logo designs in their own native language. It’s a challenge that I like to do!

Initials / Favicon

If you have picked a logo that has the “Initials" feature you can simply use these as a profile image for your email or as a Favicon for your website since they are short and can fit in a square shape.

Deliverables / File Types

Once the remaining amount is paid off, an email with the package will be sent directly to your inbox. The files that are included are EPS, JPG, PNG, and a PDF presentation containing all your logo alterations and color information.

All logo packages will include the colored version and the black and white version logos, unless your colored logo is black then your number files will be obviously less. Not all logos share the same package deals, depending on the logo design you have picked the mock-up image will show you if your logo has initials/favicon or a horizontal/vertical version included with its package.


  • Service Unavailable:

    My logo design service will NOT be available to the following list of businesses and products; Pubs/Alcohol Brands, Nightclubs, Pharmaceuticals/Medicine Brands, Adult Content, Cannabis Products, and food containing pork.

  • Invoice System:

    I’ll be using the PayPal invoice system.

  • Money Currency:

    If you reside in Canada you will be billed in Canadian Dollar + 13% HST. And if you are residing overseas you will be billed in US Dollar only.

  • Payment Details:

    After your request has been accepted, if your logo cost is less than $500 then in order to begin the process the cost must be paid in full. But if your logo cost is $500 or above then a 50% deposit is required in order to begin the project. The other 50% will be paid upon project completion. When the project reaches completion, an invoice reminder will be sent via email for the remaining amount due. Once the remaining amount is paid an email with the deliverables will be sent directly to you.

  • Late Payments:

    Late payments will have a late charge fee of $50 per month after the project completion date.

  • Refunds / Cancelation:

    Please be mindful when requesting services online from freelance designers, because it does take time to design and put things together. And from that standing point, that’s why I have listed my refund terms below.

    • Wordmark Template: After paying the deposit/full payment, if you have passed the 24hrs threshold, you will NOT be eligible for a refund.
    • Logo For Sale: For "logo For Sale" Logos only, If you decided to cancel the purchase midway, then you are eligible for a refund of your deposit. But if you have received the finalized logo file in your inbox then you’re NOT eligible for a refund.
  • Copyrights and Ownership:

    At project completion, the client will ONLY own the rights of the logo design after paying the remaining amount due.

  • Portfolio Use:

    Mohamed Hashim retains the right to display the designs in a portfolio or an online gallery, unless if the client personally requests to have the design to be private.


Other Services

Custom Logo Design: If you didn't find any logo that interested you, you can still have the option to request a Custom Logo Design. For more details on the process please view this [ Page ]

Logo Retouching: You have a logo that needs a facelift update! Things like changing the font or updating the colors or even adding a tagline to your existing logo! Then don't look away and see this [ Page ]


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