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Mohamed Hashim aka Mo, is a Logo design specialist based in Ottawa, Canada. Mo's major is in Graphic Design and has been in this industry since 2011 working with local businesses and Design Studios in producing high-quality designs.

Mo is a designer with many hats, he can animate, strategize, edit videos, designs web pages, conceptualize, and so on... But he always manages to found a way to make clients very happy when creating a meaningful logo design that exceeds the client's expectations. You can see Mo's logo portfolio [ here ]

The purpose of creating GetALogo.Design is to provide original design options for businesses that are just starting out and need an affordable and unique logo design. All of these logos are NOT created through a logo generator but they are thoughtfully designed by me in which makes them not generic designs.

Why logo design? In my teenage life, I've been always interested in logo design and how people can get attached to them and can easily define who they are through a company's logo. To me in high school it was Eckö and Adidas Originals that stood out to me and rocking a product that had these fashion brands logos on it was cool. 

In conclusion, a logo tells a lot about a person or a company, it shows their personality and how they approach things their way. My job is to capture this information and produce visuals that can be used to communicating a specific message without the help of explaining it verbally. These visual messages are what we so call logos! 

For the people that are in my area Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto I might be available to meet you in person depending on my schedule. My services cover Custom Logo Design, Logo Retouching and even designing logos in other languages.




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